Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Releasing the past

I like to draw an oracle or tarot card each day just to see what wisdom it has for me for the coming day.

This morning I used the Trust Your Vibes set by Sonia Choquette and the card I drew was "Clear the past". Daily draws can be seen on the Divination Divas blog

The meaning is:

To flow in spontaneity and synchronicity, your guides advise you to forgive those who have hurt you and free your attention and energy from the past.  It restores your vitality and awareness of higher vibrations.  Nothing positive comes from holding on to the wounds of the past - they are just preventing you from experiencing the blessings and guidance of today.  Notice what resentments and old angers are burdening your heart.  One by one, abolish these psychic chains by forgiving those involved, including yourself.  Acknowledge the gifts each past injury has offered you.  This will allow you to forgive more quickly.  And if you are stuck, or not in the mood to forgive, fake it.

Even pretending to forgive sets the wheels of healing and higher vibration in motion.  This doesn't mean you condone anything unjust or feel it was okay for anyone to injure you, it simply means that you are ready to move past these mistakes and seek a higher and more loving vibration.

You can't reach what your heart seeks as long as you remain physically attached to past wounds.  If you seek justice, ask your angels to render it and let go.  You will immediately experience a lightening of heart, a deeper connection to your Higher Self and your guides.  In this lighter state, your guides can direct you far more easily to what will bring you peace and calm.

Wise words, and probably something that we could all benefit from.  There are a few issues from my past that I tend to hold on to and it isn't good for me.

I think all the anger and resentment and even guilt builds up and forms itself into a dark and dreary cloud that haunts the head and heart.

I do have plans to make a Despacho (see the Kitchen Witch blog for more details) on Friday with a friend which will help, but this afternoon I have decided to do a releasing ritual for myself for all the personal issues I need to let go of.  It won't be anything fancy, just me, some incense, a candle and a cauldron to burn those issues I need to release.

Releasing the past..moving on to the future...


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