Thursday, 19 July 2012


I have had a problem with my upper back and neck for a while, caused by using the laptop for extended periods of time.

Once I realised what was causing the problem I organised a laptop stand and a separate keyboard but of course by then the damage was done.

So today I visited an osteopath, never been before, never had back problems before!

I debated about whether to visit an osteopath or a chiropractor, a bit unsure about what the differences are, and I am not sure I know now!  However the Osteopath website spoke about an holistic approach to healing so that sold it for me.  We talked quite a bit about alternative therapies and the power of the mind over the body whilst I was there.

He was a very friendly chap, started out with a consultation and after hearing my symptoms he guessed that I worked at a computer!

Then 25 minutes of 'manipulation' - thankfully I was able to keep my leggings on (although I had put my best underwear on...) so it wasn't quite so embarrassing but he did lots of neck cracking and back crunching, working on the top part of my spine, my neck and my shoulders.

And...I already feel much better!

One more follow up session next week and I should be good to go.


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