Monday, 2 July 2012

Fun times, cake, farewells, the grumps and looking ahead...

Well what a fabulous couple of weeks we just had...our lovely Kitchen Witch School Leadership Team member Tintagel Moon visited from Canada.

We went all over the place - a ritual at Stonehenge, cake and shopping in Burley, cake, shopping and staff meeting in Glastonbury and a visit to the Goddess Temple, a tourist visit to Stonehenge and Amesbury, several ladies that lunch days and lots of crystal/chakra work and Akashic Record readings.

It was an amazing couple of weeks and wonderful to meet Tin in person as well as spend time together with all my fabulous sisters.

So the past few days have brought a bit of a 'down to earth' bump, we spent two weeks together - either Tin & Raven, Tin, Raven & myself, Tin, Raven, Sun & myself, or all five of the team - Tin, Raven, Sun, Sky and myself.    We were witches and sisters, doing witchy sister stuff LOL.

Now it's back to housework, cooking dinners, doing laundry and all that usual stuff.  And I have to admit I have felt sad and I have had a few days of the grumps.

But you know what?  I am a witch, I will always be a witch and I am a witch whether I am sitting with my sisters working on chakras or calling on deities in a ritual or doing the washing up, because that is who I am, what I am and how I choose to live my life.   It just takes a little bit more effort to bring magic into your everyday life when you don't have moots, rituals or spiritual days to share with others.

We had the opportunity to get together as a team and plan some awesome ideas for the Kitchen Witch School so we have those to work on and put into action, I also have lots of writing to do for Kitchen Witch and for a new pagan ezine Moonlight Reflections so I will be keeping busy!

We are also looking at doing some rituals of our own, as Kitchen Witch in the outside world, got to plan those too, and new ideas for the Kitchen Witch blog. Then there will be other moots and rituals to attend - so I am attempting to dig myself out from the grumps and look forward to those things that are going to happen, that will happen, that I am looking forward to rather than lament those days that are behind me - fabulous as they were.

And of course I have some lovely family outings to go to as well.

Looking forward and planning new memories...


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The Peaceful Healing Tree website - for Akashic Records

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