Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Daily rituals - what do you do?

I was thinking this morning about how many daily rituals we all have and possibly don't even realise that we have them.

On a usual week day morning I get up, shower and dress.  I come downstairs and am incredibly lucky to have a hubby that will have switched my laptop on for me and laid my breakfast out (yeah I can hear you all groaning LOL).  The children will be up, washed and dressed and eating their breakfast.

Then I check my emails, then I check the Kitchen Witch school forum, then I check facebook.  Followed by the school run.

Then time is my own and I start my next set of daily rituals, I tidy up the breakfast things, I open up the doors to the garden and have a quick check on all the plants and I put food out for the birds.

The next item on the ritual agenda is to check my altars, I check the flowers are fresh, if they aren't I replace them and then I spend a moment in front of my working altar, just to centre and focus on the day ahead.

Next?   Depends on what work I have to do but usually involves me sitting in front of the computer for the morning.

The afternoon I will spend doing more offline things, maybe a meditation, maybe some crafting, maybe some housework!

Each week day is pretty much the same, the same routine the same rituals.

Today I actually thought about what I do and realised that automatically I do all these things, and most of them I do on 'auto pilot' so today I made a point of stopping in the garden and just standing in the sunshine that we finally have, reaching out and feeling the energy of nature and sending blessings and thanks.  I took a moment at each of my altars to thank deity for all that I have.   And I will spend some time this afternoon watching the birds feed on the food that I put out, we have lots of pigeons and doves and a pair of blackbirds that regularly visit.

Rituals and routines are good, they make me feel grounded and organised but I must remember to stop occasionally and connect with all that is around me and take a moment to think about why I do the things I do.

Have a lovely day!


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