Saturday, 9 June 2012

Olokun altar

Whilst on holiday last week I found a beautiful figurine that I felt represented an Orisha, so she came home with me.

I asked what Orisha she was and was told "Olokun" so I have set up a small altar for her. 

I decorated a candle with cinnamon and dressed it with coconut oil to stand with her to use when I meditate.  I also put a shell offering dish with crystals inside along with a Goddess stone, a pentacle and a shell.    I have placed a small vase on the altar too that currently has a rose from my garden in.

Olokun is thought of as the patron Orisha of the descendants of Africans that were carried away during the slave trade.   She works closely with Oya (Deity of the Winds) and Egungun (Ancestral Spirits) to herald the way for those that pass to ancestorship.

Olokun is seen as both male and female.   She/he has several human characteristics; patience, endurance, observation, meditation, future visions and sternness.   She is also associated with the ocean.

She is unfathomable wisdom, knowing, learning and also governs material wealth, psychic abilities, dreaming, meditation, mental health and water healing.

Her altar just fitted in the small space I had beside my meditation spot which seems perfect!


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