Sunday, 3 June 2012

En France...time out

Well I have just returned from a wonderful family holiday in France.   Beautiful house in a gorgeous setting, lovely family to spend the time with (hubby, children, my parents and my brother) and the weather was amazing!

Spent the week pretty much just relaxing, eating, drinking, chatting, playing cards and generally chilling out.  (Hubby managed to hurt his back quite badly on the second day playing football with the children so he was fairly immobile after that!).

The house we stayed in belongs to my brother, it is in a small village called Rille in the Loire Valley.  It was originally a merchant's house so is fairly large with a huge garden.  The setting itself is very rural but within easy driving distance of larger towns, in particular Samur and my favourite Chinon which also has a castle.  I love the landscape, lots of fields as far as the eye can see, the odd group of trees (which in the area we were in are apparently full of wild boar) and very pretty farm houses.

The house is

It is lovely to spend time with family but one of the things I loved most about the week computers!

I had my mobile phone with me so I could check emails for work but other than that I didn't log into Facebook or Twitter, although I did log into the Kitchen Witch school a couple of times!

But we didn't take any laptops, there isn't internet connection in the house and although there is cable TV we didn't sit and watch it.

The weather was so lovely we spent most of our time sitting in the garden and ate all our meals outside too.

Did I miss the computer?  I have to be honest and say no not really, in fact I think it was a bit of a nice relief not to have it - in a funny way we were all forced to sit and talk and relax and the children spent their time playing in the garden, drawing, learning to play cards with us and on one occasion went out for a walk with Gramps so that they could prod a squashed snake with a stick (which apparently was fascinating).

I can't say I would do without my computer for ever, I wouldn't be able to work from home for a start!  And I would not have met some of my lovely friends without the internet but it was lovely to not have it intruding on our lives just for a short while.


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