Monday, 21 May 2012

Sun, bees and buns

I hadn't realised until today just how much I miss sitting in my garden.

I am not a sun worshipper as such, I don't lay out in my bikini topping up my tan as soon as the yellow stuff peeps around the clouds (as my lily white legs will prove).  But, I do like to sit in my garden.

A few weeks back when we had some warm days I took to having my lunch break out in the garden, sitting on the bench listening to the birds singing, the wind chimes chiming and the seagulls squwarking (a bonus of living near the sea).    I kept an eye on all the newly budding plants, pottered about poking stray clematis back into place and generally soaking up the peace, calm and energy of nature.

Then the rain came, and it came and it came and it didn't seem to stop.

Until today...

So I sat in the garden with a cup of herbal tea and an iced bun (thank you hubby!) and relaxed, just sat and breathed and soaked up the calm.

Then I walked around the estate...OK the garden isn't that big, I wandered around poking at herb plants and persuading the errant stems of the Rambling Rector rose back into the arch framework.  Then I spied a huge bumble bee, he was crawling across the pathway, buzzing and bumbling and not seeming altogether happy at all.  So I popped indoors and came back out with some honey, I squidged a blob of honey down on the ground in front of him and he got stuck right into it (not literally).  I've kept an eye on him and he has eaten the whole lot and now appears to be resting, I shall keep watch and make sure he is OK.

So I for one would like to say enough of all the torrential rain thank you, it has been very nice to welcome Father Sun back and I really would like to see some more of him please!


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