Thursday, 24 May 2012

Procrastination, lists and sunshine

Now I am not really a procrastinator, when I get it in my mind to do something I do it, full on, full pelt, no holds barred.   I am a doer.  I am an organiser...actually I am a bit of an organised control freak LOL.

But today the sun is out, it is very warm and the garden is very inviting.

However I have lots to do, a huge list in fact of things I should be doing and need to be doing.  Phone calls to make, LOTS of writing to do,  ironing,  housework etc etc.   But that little voice in the back of my head is saying "ack it will all wait, take a book and go sit in the garden"  and the little voice is also very good at justifying it too "you do need to water the garden...and feed the birds...and put some wires up for the sweet peas.."

The question is do I listen to the little voice?

At the moment I am ignoring it, but I know it will keep on...and on...and on...

So I will make a list:  I list out all the things I need to do, in order of priority - things that really, really need to be done today, things that do need to be done by the weekend and things that will wait until next week.   And I set myself the morning to get at least the urgent ones done, then I can go sit in the garden with my lunch.

I always make my lists on paper, writing them down by hand.  Yep I have a computer (obviously!) and I have an iPhone, I could make all sorts of wonderfully technical lists on either of them and even have them beep me when said items need doing. (Now I am reminded of Captain Vimes imp organiser "bingly bong" - Terry Pratchett reference!)  But there is something much more satisfying about physically crossing off a job from a hand written list.

So...I am off to write my list...


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