Sunday, 13 May 2012

Perfect Sunday

So far today has been the perfect Sunday :-)

Apart from our youngest getting up at 5.40am this morning ...

The sun was shining this weekend for the first time in what seems like months, we have had sooooo much rain lately.

So this morning first thing was spent in the garden, sweeping up leaves and sorting out after the torrential and persistent rain.  Thankfully not too much damage, just one casualty - an extremely waterlogged lemon balm.

Then off down to the sea front with hubby and the children, not the end with the loud noisy fair, hovercraft and arcades but the quiet end that boosts only fresh air, shingle, ocean ... oh and a very nice coffee van!

So caramel latte and cinnamon bun in hand I sat on the beach right by the ocean waves whilst the children (and hubby) threw stones into the sea and poked about on the shoreline - absolute bliss.  I think the sound of the ocean has got to be one of my all time favourite sounds.

Then back home for lunch via the old fashioned, proper sweet shop - one that has been in residence since we were children and sports all kinds of wonderful things all displayed in large glass jars.

So sweets in hand what could we do?  Had to be an afternoon of watching Willy Wonka - not the newer Depp version but the original with the gorgeous Gene Wilder, and yes we sang along to all the songs.

Now just about to dish up a beef casserole that has been slow cooking all afternoon.

Happy days :-)



  1. I love days like that - wonderful! Oh and I have to say - I just love your shoes! blessings x

  2. Aw thanks Noo! My shoes are made by Oxygen and I love them!


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