Monday, 14 May 2012

Lady of Avalon altar

If you know me or have read my blog before you will know that my patron Goddess is The Cailleach.  However during the summer months when she is resting she likes to 'hand me over' to another Goddess of her choosing for me to work with and learn from.

In my daily meditation with the Cailleach yesterday she put me into the very capable hands of the Lady of Avalon - yup now a lot of things have fallen into place LOL!

When I know I will be working with a specific deity for a while I like to set up an altar in their honour, one that I can work at and meditate at.

I did initially think about adding another altar (I can hear my hubby cringing) but as I already have a few I had to get creative.

Option one was right in front of me, literally...I have a large dresser that has quite a deep cupboard part to it that I keep all my tarot and oracle cards in, after a bit of a shuffle round I made the space I needed.  Added a bit of coloured material, some flowers (from our engagement cake actually) and a candle that I have made specifically for my meditations with the Lady and voila!  One cupboard altar.

And I liked it, but it wasn't quite right.  

More shuffling round of ornaments, books, candles - you name it, I moved it!   And I ended up with the tarot and oracle cards back in their cupboard and my usual everyday working altar now decorated ready to work with the Lady of Avalon.

And I am quite pleased with this one too, maybe not quite so dramatic but way more practical (can't really light a candle in a cupboard now can I?).

Looking forward now to my journey with the Lady.



  1. Very beautiful!!! Love the red!

  2. Thank you PIE I have to admit I went for red because that is the colours that the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury are decorated in at the moment, it looked so amazing when I was there last week :-)


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