Thursday, 23 February 2012

Lamenting the loss of intelligent writing...

I wonder if I am alone in being dismayed at how much bad language seems to be appearing in blogs and on facebook now?   Am I just a prude (something I have never been called to my knowledge!) or do I just have unreal expectations?

I have read quite a few blogs lately that used the 'F' word and to be honest on no occasion in any of the blogs was it necessary, I wonder if people are just becoming lazy?  Not bothering to think up a more intelligent descriptive word?

And whilst facebook seems to be hot on banning the naked form in photos it doesn't seem to mind the bad language, not just in statuses but I have also seen pages using the 'F' word in the page name.   So apparently the beautiful naked, natural body is bad but the 'F' word is OK?

The great literary writers in the past did not feel the need to swear in their works of fiction, I wonder why authors now feel the necessity to do so?  Does it make the book any better?  Will literary works from 2012 full to the brim with profanities, at some point in the future sit alongside works of Lewis Carroll, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jane Austen and even Shakespeare?

I would say perhaps I am sensitive as I have younger children, but it would be a lie because I have never liked foul language in any way, shape or form, especially when women utter it, sorry but in my book ladies should not have gutter mouths, it's just not pretty.

I am not naive enough to believe my husband doesn't utter a profanity or two on occasion when he is out with the lads, but he never does it in our home and certainly never in front of me.  I wonder perhaps if he is part of a dying breed?  The end of an era of gentlemen perhaps?

Now, whilst I don't wish to go back to times when ladies were not allowed to speak I do think we could do with a bit more gentlemanly conduct and a bit of chivalry won't go amiss either.

I can't help but despair when I see some of the young girls on TV drunk, being sick in the gutter and F'ing and blinding at everyone - is this really how low society has dropped?

I do hope I am not alone in this concern, although I fear that the 'F' word does seem to now be a usual part of our language, I wonder how long it will be before it appears in school text books?


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