Sunday, 19 February 2012

Kindle vs Book debate

I have to admit, this time last year I was dismissive of the Kindle.  I LOVE books, always have.  I read on average 1-3 books a week and I have a LOT of them :-)

Then one or two of my friends obtained Kindles and started to sing their praises.  So I investigated, but I still wasn't convinced.  I love real books, I love the look, the feel and the smell of a real book.

However at Yule my hubby purchased for me a Kindle...and I haven't looked back...

I have at present over 60 books on my Kindle most of which I have downloaded for free, most of them I would never have actually thought to purchase as real books, some because I would not have seen them in the book store, some because I would not have heard of them or found them in my general searches on Amazon.  However nearly every single one of them that I have read so far I have been extremely impressed with.

Will I ever buy a real book again?  Oh yes most definitely.   There are certain books such as the Terry Pratchett books that I will always buy the real thing, I have collected every single one of his titles and have them in a book case, I will continue to add to them.    Some of the books that I have read on the Kindle I have liked so much that I have gone out and purchased the real book to add to my collection, such as the Stonewylde series by Kit Berry - lovely books that I want to keep and that I feel need to be on my book shelves.

I think it is important to have books in the house - I have the classics : Roald Dahl series, Alice in Wonderland, Wind in the Willows, Narnia and Sherlock Holmes for instance.   I also have several shelves packed full of witchcraft books - all of which I will be keeping even though I now have a Kindle and that I will still continue to add too.  

I think I view my Kindle as sort of a 'filter' - I can download books for free or at hugely reduced prices, I can then read them and if I really like them I can purchase the 'real' book for my collection, if I don't like them then no money has been wasted.

It also saves me from carrying around a book/books in my handbag - saving me from damaging them!  Very useful if you are going on holiday, at the rate I read books, especially on holiday I need an extra suitcase to carry them in - not so with the Kindle!

I think the only books I don't find work on the Kindle are cook books (yes I love cook books too and have loads of them!).  For a cook book to work for me I need a 'real' book in front of me so I can browse and look at the pictures and use it in the kitchen, I don't think a Kindle is quite the same in that respect.

So...yes I love my Kindle but I also still very much love real books and will continue to purchase them for my collection.


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