Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I have curves ...

The other evening we were watching the TV and a dancer was holding a pose - she was so skinny that her ribs stuck out further than her breasts - is that really what society thinks a woman should look like?

Up until the birth of my first child I was slim, a size 10 ish.   After the first pregnancy I stayed a size 12, after the second child I stayed a size 14 and that's where I am now and I am happy.  (Probably a wise warning about having any more children though LOL).

There is so much pressure in the media for people to diet, to be skinny and quite frankly it annoys the bejezubs out of me.

Don't get me wrong I am all for eating healthy, I do most days and I think it is very important to look after your body and all it's internal workings.  But, I also think that life is for living and you have to have some pleasures, for me food is one of them.   I love the whole package - growing food, looking at food, reading about food, cooking food and eating it.   I have lived on a farm so I have even seen the whole food process up close and personal.

But why do we put so much pressure as a nation on women in particular and young girls to be so skinny?  That isn't healthy either.

Thankfully my hubby likes a woman with curves (even more thankfully he doesn't seem to mind the jelly belly either!).  I have carried two children and I have had two C sections - there is no way without the help of Posh Spice's plastic surgeon that my stomach is ever going to lay flat.

I eat a healthy diet, lots of fruit and vegetables, pulses, pasta, rice etc etc.  I rarely purchase ready meals as I prefer to make all our meals from scratch so I know what goes into everything that myself and my family eat.  But yes we have treats, we have a cake if we fancy one, we have chocolate if we want it - but all in moderation.  

I also saw this week a picture of Dawn French now she has lost 6 stone and I have to be honest I thought it made her look sooo much older.  Good on her for doing what she has done for health reasons but with her being such an advocate for curvy women for so long I found it quite disappointing.   There was also an article I read about Martine McCutcheon - she advertises a healthy brand of yogurt, the article was complaining that she appeared on a recent red carpet sporting some curves and they didn't feel it was right for her to advertise yogurt as healthy when she is at the moment a size 12 - WHAT??????  She looked beautiful, she looked lovely, she looked NORMAL sized!

Marilyn Monroe was a size 16 and she was gorgeous, she looked like a real woman, in fact in most of the films from the 50s and 60s women were curvy, they looked gorgeous and they looked healthy - come on media let's start working on the basis that women should look like women please - enough with the pressure to be a size 0 coz that just isn't real life.


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