Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Excited? Me?

It is fair to say that I am now just a little bit excited about the festive season...OK maybe more than just a little bit.

I love the Autumn, I love the Winter - I am not a sit on a beach in the boiling hot sun kinda person, I love to be wrapped up warm trudging through crispy autumn leaves or crunchy snow or (preferably) curled up indoors with a blanket and a good book.

What I really love is the festive season.  Whether it stems from such wonderful festivities as a child or whether I was just born that way who knows?

This next couple of weeks are the best.   It starts to get busy on the social front now - school nativity plays, visits to see Santa (in a forest, with a tractor ride and faerie trail), cinema this week with the children to see Arthur Christmas and of course the meals out and catching up with various family and friends to exchange cards and presents.

Sitting in the late afternoon after the school run with the children writing their cards to give out, wrapping up all the presents sitting amongst all the decorations that went up last week and listening to Yule tunes - wonderful!

This morning I had to go to the Post Office (not for me, my cards are all posted but for my boss who is not quite so organised LOL) on the way back I was walking through our village and I decided to stop in a lovely little patissere and have a latte...oh and a honey custard slice ;-).  It was early so the cafe was very quiet, I sat with my coffee and cake and it was bliss.  A small moment of peace and calm.  Watching all the shoppers outside going about their business.   Then walking back in my own little world, wrapped up against the cold - it's chilly but with beautiful blue skies streaked with wispy white clouds, playing spot the Yule tree in the windows of the houses I pass - lovely.

I am extremely blessed in that on the Winter Solstice I will celebrate during the day in my own way, then cook a special meal and spend the evening with my  hubby and children, then on Christmas Eve we have a special meal again, then Christmas Day is spent with my lovely parents & brother - my mum is a fabulous cook and we have enough food to feed us for weeks.  

Hubby finishes work a couple of days before the 25th and doesn't go back to work until the New Year - this is extremely special as we get to spend all that time as a family.

So now I am ready ... bring it on!


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