Monday, 3 October 2011

Trust and Respect

I have been thinking a lot today about trust and respect.   For no particular reason I just get these random thoughts from time to time LOL.

Both these qualities apply, in my belief to yourself and to those that you call friends.

You need to have trust in your own abilities and your instinct.  Your instinct or gut feeling is usually very reliable. Trust in your own abilities allows you to accomplish many things.  Any doubt from yourself when you embark on a project will only hamper a successful outcome.

Respect for yourself is a must, if you want others to respect you then it must start at the source - YOU!

And as for other relationships, whether it is friendships or marriages - respect and trust for me are so very important.

Respect each other.  Respect another persons opinion, they have a right to think and believe in what they choose to.  Respect a certain amount of privacy. Respect another persons feelings.  Respect their decisions and choices even if you don't necessarily agree with them.

Trust each other.  Trust to me is very important in any relationship.  It is a bond.  If you trust someone then you will feel totally free and willing to share information or feelings with them in the knowledge that the information will not be passed on, you know that person will always be there for you, no matter what - there is something very special about that.  

However, for me anyway - trust and respect are not freely given, both of these have to be earnt.  Both are easy to gain if you really want to.    But both can easily be lost.  Once lost they are extremely hard to regain.

But if you have a relationship and/or friendships that have both of these qualities then you are very blessed - treasure those people in your life.


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