Sunday, 29 May 2011


A while ago whilst looking through some boxes from the loft I found a diary I had when I was a teenager, it was a five year one and I had written in it pretty much every day for about two years – when I was 14/15.   It was funny to read back over how I felt, what trials and traumas I was going through with friends and boyfriends ;-)

It made me wonder why I don’t write one now.  So I am going to start journaling. 

My friend Sassy Sorceress advises writing two or three pages a day, first thing before you do anything else so that you can get all your worries and concerns, thoughts for the day out of your head and onto the paper.  I notice in Christopher Penczak's books that he advises doing the same thing.

I have an online journal that I have had for the past few years, but on looking back over it I realise how little about myself and my spiritual growth I have put in it.  Plenty of silly things and where I went and places I visited, but nothing from the heart.
I do have a journal for my OBOD work but on looking through that I realise that all my writing is  centered around the lessons.

I have a huge Book of Shadows that has changed and grown with me over the years.  Initially it contained all sorts of information, every bit of witchcraft text I could find, but in the last couple of years it has been revamped and now only contains information directly related to my path, my pantheons, rituals I have written or taken part in and meditations and spells I have written myself, it is now very personal to me but I have not shared any inner thoughts in it.

My spiritual journey is taking my in new directions and I want to keep a record of how I feel and what new inspirations, thoughts and ideas come to me.

So…I shall start a proper journal – a paper one, and we shall see where it leads me!


Sassy Sorceress website
Christopher Penczak website

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  1. I have a personal journal that I keep on a thumb drive. I try to post most days, even if it is just a list of the tarot cards I threw for the day and maybe a few lines describing what I plan to do, but sometimes I literally pour my heart out in that journal. Many posts are transferred, in part or in whole, to my Blog, Dancing Sparkles. But there is something healing about crystallizing thoughts and emotions and experiences enough to write them down. It does help. I know that you are experiencing many changes right now, and even if you never feel that you want to share what you write regarding these changes, keep that journal! You won't be sorry.

    Hugs and Blessings!!!


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