Friday, 29 April 2011

Bringing a nation together...

Well I wasn't going to watch all the wedding coverage today, but I got totally sucked into it!

I am extremely proud to be British today, in a country and a world that has a lot of problems it was lovely to take a day out to celebrate the wedding of a wonderful Royal couple.

It was worth it to see all the little looks and hand holds between William and Catherine - they seem so totally in love. They also seemed 'real' trying desparately not to giggle during their vows and looking totally bored during all the churchy bit!

We were rewarded with two kisses whilst on the balcony, and seeing William tell Catherine she was beautiful when they stood at the altar, also a shot of him holding and squeezing her hand whilst they sat in the carriage - truly magical.
To see all the crowds that had gathered and hear all the stories about everyone making new friends, along with all the camraderie - fabulous.  So many comments from the public saying how, with all that was happening in the world today how wonderful it was to take a chance to celebrate something very special.
Nice too to see the trees in the abbey, and the little odd pagan touches in the service ;-)
William and Catherine both looked incredibly happy, their wedding today brought a nation and indeed a world together.   They are a new young generation of royals, I can see that they will bring fresh new ideas along with them.
Oh and the hats!  Some beautiful, some mad, some just totally outrageous!

Beautiful, I am very glad I watched it, and even more so that I could share it with friends across the country and across the world - with the aid of IM and Facebook!

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  1. They are a beautiful couple, and I enjoyed watching them more than I thought I would. I watched the wedding of Charles and Diana, but did not feel the attachment to them that I feel for this Royal couple.



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