Friday, 11 February 2011

This path alone...

Now I don't write poetry, never have.  But, as I was going off to sleep last night the first two lines of the poem below popped into my head.  I sat up, grabbed my mobile and typed the words into the notes to keep for the morning so I wouldn't forget it. 

A couple of minutes later the next two lines popped into my head, up again to put the notes into my phone. 

This happened several times over until I sat up properly and wrote the whole thing!  So here it is...

I thought to walk this path alone
The journey was to be my own
Each winding twist and turn
Is there for me to learn

Along the way I have found
Good friendships that are bound
With loyalty, support and love
That go way above

The expectations that I had
Although some have turned out sad
Some friendships are not meant to be
But those that last have stayed with me

Lessons learned to set me free
The bigger picture now for me
To walk this path not as one
Until this lifetime journey is done
But then on further still

In this lifetime and the next
For my life, my love
And my friends I am truly blessed


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  1. Beautiful! Don't you just love when the words cooperate like that??!!


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