Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Ocean

I had a couple of hours free to myself today and felt compelled to visit the ocean.

Yes I know it's February, and it is pouring with rain, but I had to go.

The pebbly beach and ocean is a 5 minute drive from me, so wrapped up against the elements I set off.

I walked along the shore line for some time, the tide was out so there were actually small patches of sand in amongst the pebbles and shells.   I found a few hag stones and a lovely piece of driftwood.  The pebbles on our beach are in shades of brown and orange, interspersed with lots of shells and lots of seaweed!

The beach wasn't as deserted as I expected it to be, there were a few dog walkers and a few joggers braving the lashing rain.

After I had walked for some time I made my way back and purchased a lovely steaming cup of latte from the little stand that sits on the edge of the road.  I didn't think it would be open at this time of the year but was thankful that it was.

I took my coffee and went and stood right down at the edge of the shore, standing quietly drinking and contemplating, listening to the waves crash in and out and the rain lashing down.  It was glorious!  I could have stayed there all day.  

I have always been wary of the ocean, I believe that the power of it is very underestimated and disrespected.  But, in the last couple of years I have found a greater and greater connection to it.  It is powerful, it can be destructive but it also holds life within it, it invokes strong emotions and renewal.

Standing there with the rain washing over me, the sound of the waves working their magick too - I came away from there (reluctantly) with a feeling of inner peace, of being refreshed and alive.

Mother nature is truly amazing.


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