Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Damh the Bard & Cerri Lee

I have written about Damh the Bard before, but just wanted to share with you that I went to a gig of his last night and it was wonderful, he had everyone in the pub singing along before the end of the first song and most of us crying after listening to his new song. (A huge thank you to my lovely husband that accompanied me to the gig even though it 'wasn't really his kind of thing' - he did think Damh was an excellent showman though and very entertaining!).

I have met Damh and his lady Cerri on a couple of occasions previously - they are such warm, lovely, friendly people.

Damh has a new CD out called 'As Nature Intended' the description on the back of the album reads:

"when I record my studio albums it feels like I am painting a picture, with each new instrument adding a vital colour to the overall sound.  However, when I play live it's just me and the guitar, raw, with that glorious interaction with other human beings.  Together we can go wherever we place, to Suumerisle, to Caer Arianrhod, to speak with Merlin, anything is possible"

I also want to mention his good lady Cerri, she does the most amazing artwork - check out the CD cover on Damh's The Crow Man and As Nature Intended, she also makes the most beautiful clay figures.  I was lucky enough to receive just a little piece of her work for Yule, the most gorgeous little goddess figure. She also does a fab range of pagan design t shirts and bags.

For a list of Damh's gigs and his CD's Pagan Music Website

Cerri's website is http://www.cerrilee.com/

To  purchase Damh's CDs or Cerris arts take a look at Bardic Arts store

If you haven't heard any of Damh's music or seen any of Cerri's art yet - GO AND DO IT NOW!!


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