Sunday, 19 December 2010

How was it for you?

I have been thinking about 2010 and how it was for me. It was definitely a roller coaster year that's for sure!

I made some new and very special friendships, strengthened a special friendship I already had, and also removed some negative influences too.

This year I have learnt:

That I have a wonderful husband, children and family. (But I knew that already!)

That I have very special friends.

To trust in my intuition more.

To trust in my own abilities.

That every friendship is different.

That everyone has their own path to follow.

That even if you offer help and assistance to someone that appears to need it, they won't always accept it.

That books don't always have all the answers, sometimes you will need to step outside!

In taking a step outside your comfort zone you may find some pleasant surprises.

To not get cross when people don't act as you would wish them to, everyone has their own way of looking at and dealing with any situation.

That my witchcraft is very, very important to me - it is who I am, what I am and how I live my life.

That shadow work is very powerful, well worth doing, but must be tempered so that you don't lose the essence of your personality.

To take a step back from any unpleasant happening, look at it objectively and then make decisions - knee jerk reactions are never good.

and finally...

I should be supervised when eating toasted marshmallows ;-)

This week of the year is one of my favourites, the children have finished school, hubby only has a couple of days left at work before the holidays. The presents are all purchased and wrapped. The tree and decorations are all up. We have watched numerous Christmas films already and listened to every Christmas song ever made. Tomorrow I shall celebrate the Winter Solstice with my own special ritual. Christmas Eve we will watch White Christmas and eat lots of nice food. Christmas Day will be spent with my lovely family, eating wonderful food.

I count my blessings, I am one lucky witch.


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