Thursday, 2 December 2010


Today I decorated my main altar for Yule. I change it with the seasons and the sabbats. What do I put on my altar? Well I do think it is a very personal choice as to what goes on your altar. I know all the books give lists - athame, pentagram, wand, chalice, represenation of the Lord & Lady and all four elements, which is a good place to start. And I did that, at first.

Now, I have a main altar that I put things on that really mean something to me, things that I feel want to go on there.

My main altar is a long narrow shelf underneath part of my book collection. So on the left hand corner I have a space dedicated to the Cailleach - a goddess statue that I can put offerings in - usually I put crystals and stones, a picture of the Cailleach, a crystal inside a stone, a hag stone and some pretty pebbles. For Yule I also have some evergreen foliage. On the right hand side I have a space dedicated to Merlin - a statue of Merlin, my large crystal ball and a smaller green one, a couple of dragon statues and a piece of bluestone (the stone that Stonehenge is made of). In the centre I have a pentagram and two candles in holders - one black for the God, one white for the Goddess. I also have a pretty glass & silver dish to put offerings to the God in. In amongst it all I have various things that are important to me - a prosperity witches bottle, a figure of Granny Weatherwax (a crone witch from Terry Pratchett books), a witch rag doll, various crystals, shells and pebbles, a feather I found, a dragon necklace from a sister witch, a bracelet made by a sister witch, a wooden toadstool, meditation beads I made, my athame, a green man plaque and any other odd bits of nature I feel need to be on there!

My altar is personal to me, it represents my beliefs and the spiritual things that are important to me. Sometimes I put my dragon chalice on it, sometimes I put my wand on it - it all depends on what feels right to me at any particular time.

That is my main altar, I do have others - I have an ancestors altar, on top of a sideboard, it has photographs of my grandparents and great grandparents, along with a candle, incense, shells, stones and crystals.

I also have a desk altar where I sit and work, this has a dragon candle holder, a pentagram, incense and various crystals. Again I add and take away what feels right at the time.

I have a tiny altar in the space that I meditate in - this has an oil burner, a candle, a Merlin's dragon stone, a selenite wand and various crystals.

There is also a sacred space in my garden, just a round shallow terracotta pot filled with glass pebbles and stones that I painted to represent the four elements.

I would love to have four elemental altars at the corresponding directions in the house, but there is a. a lack of space and b. I do have to share my home with others! ;-)

Now I really need to get on with putting up the rest of the Yule decorations!


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