Saturday, 11 September 2010

Lush Henna Hair Dye

Sssshh... don't tell anyone but I have some grey hairs (OK I know they are really white ones that look grey). I have been dying my hair since I was a teenager, in the beginning for fun and for fashion - now because I don't like seeing my grey hair.

In the past I have been to home hairdressers, salons and fancy salons, now I dye my hair at home. And yes, I usually make a mess and the bathroom floor and walls will show you a catalogue of each hair colour.

If you know me, you will know of my love of Lush products. However I hadn't tried their henna hair dye before, so a couple of weeks ago I chatted in the Chichester Lush store to a very helpful lady, got all the details and came away with a block of their Caca Rouge Henna along with instructions, a pair of rubber gloves and the warning that it was going to be a bit messy!

So yesterday I put on an old t-shirt, covered the bathroom floor with an old sheet and got started.

First you have to grate the block of henna into a bowl, it's a bit like grating a block of chocolate.

Then you add hot water and stir it until it looks like unwhipped double (heavy) cream.

As advised, I put some thick moisturiser around my hair line to protect the skin on my face from being dyed.

Then you start putting it on your hair, starting with the roots and working to the ends. Yes it was messy, but not a lot more than when I usually dye my hair. And when any bits of dye splattered on the sink or the floor it dried like lumps of sand so was easy to sweep up.

The next stage involved me wrapping my head in cling wrap, I also wrapped an old towel around my head too. Then the waiting......

The instructions said minimum of one hour but suggested 4 to 5 hours. So I got on and made the dinner, put on some washing, ate dinner, read and watched TV.

About 4 hours later I rinsed off the dye. It did take a bit of time to rinse it all out I must admit.

And the result? I am extremely pleased. My hair is a beautiful titan auburn colour and the grey hairs have taken on a beautiful red that shimmers in amongst the other hair. And it didn't sting my scalp like some of the dyes I have used at home and in the salon.

I like the fact that it is made of natural products, and it smelt good too!

The information on the Lush website about the colour I chose:

Caca Rouge
The really red one for hair like sunsets. It's red and no mistake. This is the finest Persian red henna with cocoa butter to make it adhere better to the hair and give even more colour, lemon juice for extra shine, rosemary for additional extra shine and clove bud oil because it smells good and warms and stimulates your scalp. You should only use this if you want really red hair.

Information about the henna product:

Caca is French for poo. When we translated the product names into French earlier this year for the opening of our first Paris shop, the staff started a second revolution and refused to let us name them “The Poos” which is a shame because it does rather get the point over. The point is that most hair colours are full of really disgusting chemical dyes and ours are entirely natural. Some natural ingredients are horrid too (like arsenic for example) but the ones we use are safe and beautiful.

Would I use it again? Yep I sure would!


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  1. I definitely have to try this. I am getting grayer by the day! Thanks for sharing.

    I left you a little present on my blog under "Happy". You can go there directly at:

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