Friday, 17 September 2010

The Faeries Oracle

A long while back I purchased a set of The Faeries Oracle cards with artwork by Brian Froud and text by Jessica Macbeth. They sat on the shelf for ages.

Then a few weeks back I was prompted to take them down and have a proper look. I have been drawing a card a day ever since.

There is of course the beautiful and quirky Brian Froud artwork to look at – it was the fact that they had has artwork on that made me purchase them in the first place.

Then there is the meaning of the cards. Each and every card I have drawn so far has been bang on the mark, it has known where I am in my life and how I have felt each day. Certain of the cards have also kicked my butt into action that was long overdue.

For instance, yesterday’s card:

The Journeyman
Adventure, independence, polishing of skills, travel.

All of the great ones and all of those who are filled by the spiritual light have been on this journey. They went into the wilderness, stepping like fools, off the safe paths into the waiting hands of their gods and goddesses. This is the journey of life, a pilgramage that begins in ignorant trust, passes through all of the doubts, fears, ups and downs, probably all of the delusions, and certainly all of the confusions. Through it, we learn slowly, painfully, a new kind of trust, a trust in the process, detached from the goal.

Adventure, independence, travel. A long path ahead - we hope. This card speaks of the need to perfect skills in working and living, but it acknowledges having a sound grounding in the basics. Optimistic, innocent and willing to learn, he shows us that intuition serves us well - but only if we pay attention to it.

Sometimes, we are operating from theory alone, and our knowledge may or may not be well grounded in reality. This card does not necessarily refer exclusively to beginnings, it can also signify a progression along a path, moving into the unknown from the known, a new phase in an ongoing process. The card may also represent untested concepts or ideas and suggest a need for balance between the intuititive and the rational as one approaches the unknown.

Consider where you are going. What are your long term goals? What are you doing that is helping you to move toward them?

And today’s card:

Nature, timely endings, release liberation

The Death card indicates a significant change, one that involves letting gof of the old life in order to move forward into the new. What we really fear about death is the unknown, the what next of it all. We may be experiencing great pain as a result of holding on to aspects of life that we have outgrown, we hold on because we don't know what is next. We want guarantees and instead we get open doors into unknown, darked spaces. Yet, when we go through these doors, closing them behind us, we discover a whole new world - one in which we can grow and develop into more of what we have the potential of being.

Something has reached a natural ending, and there is substantial and irrevocable change in the works. This change may be inner or outer or, most likely, both. It is timely and natural, but there may be much resistance to it. Make room for the new in your life - let the old go, lovingly, gently, willingly.

I can highly recommend the purchase of these cards, even if all you want to do is sit and look at the artwork!

Brian Froud's website:

Jessica Macbeth's website:


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