Monday, 20 September 2010

Colour Magick

Recently I have found that I am using colour magick more and more in all my workings. In most of the items that I make for Kitchen Witch I find I am corresponding the colour of the materials used to the intent.

Here is a guide that I use:

Black - protection, ward negativity, remove hexes, spirit contact, truth, remove discord or confusion and binding for spellwork.

Dark blue – the Goddess, water elemental, truth, dreams, protection, change, meditation, healing.

Light blue – psychic awareness, intuition, opportunity, understanding, safe journey, patience, tranquility, ward depression, healing and health.

Brown – endurance, houses & homes, uncertainties, influence friendships.

Green – earth elemental, nature magicks, luck, fertility, healing, balance, courage, work, prosperity, changing directions or attitudes.

Indigo – meditation, spirit communication, karma workings, neutralize baneful magick, ward slander.

Lilac – spiritual development, psychic growth, divination, Otherworld.

Orange – the God, strength, healing, attracting things, vitality, adaptability, luck, encouragement, clearing the mind, justice, career goals, legal matters, selling, action, ambition, general success.

Pink – honour, morality, friendships, emotional love, social ability, good will, caring, healing emotions, peace, affection, nurturing, romance and partnerships.

Purple – power, spirit, spiritual development, intuition, ambition, healing, wisdom, progress, business, spirit communication, protection, occultism, self assurance.

Red – fire elemental, strength, power, energy, health, vigour, enthusiasm, courage, passion, sexuality, vibrancy, survival, driving force.

White – purity, protection, truth, meditation, peace, sincerity, justice and to ward doubt & fear.

Yellow – air elemental, divination, clairvoyance, mental alertness, intellect, memory, prosperity, learning, changes, harmony, creativity, self promotion.

Sometimes I look up the list, some I remember, mostly I go by instinct and then when I check I realize my instinct is bang on the mark! This is just my idea of a list of correspondences, others may use different colours - it is a personal thing, go with what feels right for you.

My list is adapted from a very useful book called Grimoire for the Green Witch by Ann Moura.

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