Sunday, 22 August 2010

Spiritual Detox

I have been reading a fabulous book by Stephanie Rose Bird called The Big Book of Soul.

In it she gives some ideas for spiritual detoxing, I would like to share them and my thoughts on them with you.

Unhook - remove yourself from toxic people or situations, even on a trial basis if necessary.

This can be painful, it can be difficult, but if you find yourself facing this situation - deal with it! It is only after you have removed yourself from someone or some place that is draining that you realise just what sort of negative energy you were being hit with. The feeling of relief and realisation is very refreshing and recharging.

Retreat - retreat into yourself, your room, your home, your mind, your dream world; create a space to sort things out.

I do this myself from time to time and it is a good thing to do, just make sure you don't disappear of the face of the world for too long ;-)

Insulate - try to insulate yourself by consuming stimulating herbal teas, soul foods, good books, or enjoyable music.

I love herbal tea, it does make you feel refreshed or relaxed. As for soul food - totally delicious! and I wouldn't be without a good book. To curl up on the sofa with a pot of herbal tea, and a big bowl of comfort food with a decent book to get lost in is one of my favourite things to do.

Expand horizons - walk the labyrinth, create or colour mandalas, walk, meditate, strive to meet new people, and travel (dream, astral or physical).

I have physically walked the labyrinth in Glastonbury, it is enlightening but you can also do it in meditation. Creating mandalas can be very relaxing. I try to meditate even for a short period of time each day, it centres and focuses me. And dreams can be very inciteful.

Make decisions - take a leap in your perceived 'right direction'.

Ah decisions! I'm not good with the "what shall I have from the menu, what shall I have for dinner" decisions LOL! But sometimes in life you do have to just take a leap to head in the direction that you wish to go. Trust in the Goddess, she will guide you.
Renew faith - in whatever way works best, renew faith in yourself and your abilities.

OK don't laugh - but when I need to feel a bit 'witchy' I watch the film Practical Magic - it just makes me feel good! If I feel the need to connect with my faith during the day, I step out into the garden and greet mother nature. If I am feeling lacking in my abilities I am blessed to have wonderful friends who are always there to reassure me. And of course my coven -

She also uses the elements to detox:
Water is a vital substance for our bodies and, a critial spiritual tool.

Fire encourages purging and banishment. There is a spiritual route to enlightenment through two simple methods that draw upon fire: incense and candles.

Air is the element that encourages you to evaluate breath and to correct breathing patterns when necessary.

Earth invites you to travel, see, touch, lie on, move with, and appreciate the splendour of all seasons and situations. Veneration of the earth - earth magick - can be part of holistic detox.

Akashic energy encourages you to go outside your physical and spiritual body. Visiting other times and places on vision quests and through dreaming, meeting your team of spirit guides and divination can all be tremendously important to protection and guidance, awareness building, projecting, atracting positive energy, and eliminating waste from the entire system.

Stephanie Rose Bird's website:

The image above is a spiritual faerie by Brian Froud:



  1. thank you for sharing - i've been cleansing myself with Chakra cleansing - and this just adds to what I've been doing - gotta love synchronicity (even if i can't spell it!)

    Bunni x

  2. Tansy - this is just what I needed, I love Stephanie and I love you!


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