Monday, 16 August 2010

MOJO Charm Bags

Today I have been crafting Mojo Charm Bags for the Kitchen Witch website These little bags were inspired by

The Mojo bag is traditionally considered by many cultures as a fetish or symbol of empowerment and protection.

Mojo is a term that derives from several of the 450 Bantu languages of Africa. It carried quickly to the language of African American slaves and was often applied to charms, magical spells, or small bags carried for personal protection as part of the hoodoo belief system that evolved during slavery. Different regions might refer to the mojo by different names. Those in Louisiana often called the mojo a gris-gris, derived from the Bantu word gree-gree. Island nations like Haiti refer to the mojo as a wanga or oanga. A mojo might also be called a nation sack, jomo, mojo hand, or toby. Numerous other names were also commonly used.

In its most precise definition people might carry or wear a mojo, a small fabric bag. The mojo could contain numerous things, herbs, small, carved symbols or fetishes, or papers on which prayers or petitions were written.

A mojo could be type specific. For example a person might carry a mojo that would help him or her find love. It might protect against evil curses from others, or simply bring good luck.

The migration of the term mojo into today’s language is mainly due to its use in 20th century rhythm and blues songs. However though the word still refers to a source of power, it doesn’t necessarily refer to a mojo bag. Instead mojo may simply mean magic or spells.

Mojo bags can then be carried in a pocket, or worn a Mojo Bag on a belt or necklace, or carry your Mojo Bag in a purse, used as focused intent during a spellworking or whatever the need may be. When using Mojo Bags, you don't need not to be a practitioner of magick to use, attract or dispel certain influences.

Most of the mojo bags I have made are multi purpose, each one containing general ingredients to cover – love, money, prosperity, success, dispelling negativity and protection. Although I have made some ‘love’ mojo bags to attract love into your life. Each one is filled with a mixture of herbs, crystals, beads, sparklies – whatever I felt needed to be added. You can personalize your mojo charm by writing your wish, desire or goal on a small slip of paper and putting it inside the mojo bag.


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