Sunday, 8 August 2010

Fire Crackle Agate

On my vist to Glastonbury in July, I purchased a pendant, I was drawn to it because of it's beautiful colouring. It was a fire crackle agate.

Fire Agate is a rich, vibrant, "fiery" deep red/brown coloured form of Chalcedony with iridescent "flashes" of orange, yellow, red, green and gold caused by light interference on thin regularly spaced iron oxide crystals of Limonite within the Chalcedony.

Fire Agate represents our best expression of the pure the red and base energy. Therefore it can be used to improve the projection of our energy or the better shield ourselves from the energy as it is emanated by others. Fire Agate is linked to the Serpents Fire, our creative explosive potential. To our selves the stone can be used to overcome depression, encourage the flow of positive creative energy. To others the stone can be used to protect ourselves from the perhaps less mature expressions of the red energy.

The frequency of Fire Agate connects to the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras. It stimulates these chakras allowing one to feel safe and secure within one's physical vehicle. It aids with one's creativity and helps one to have courage to take decisive, positive action to manifest that which one desires.

It increases one's vitality, stamina and sexuality so that one can experience the physical existence to the full. It helps to "lift one's spirits" thus aiding with the negative emotions of depression and hopelessness by replacing them with positive energies.

Associated Chakras
Base / Root
Solar Plexus

Physical Ailments
Physical Vitality
Physical Stamina
Circulation disorders

Emotional Issue
Positive energy

Spiritual Connection
Divine Guidance


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