Monday, 26 July 2010

Medicine Wheel

I love working with totem animals, and after talking with a very good friend who uses one himself, I decided I would like to work with more of them but in an organized fashion – a medicine wheel.

I have taken some information from the internet to put this post together, other parts are just from my thoughts.

I have started the process of making my own, I have listed here the animals that are traditionally used in a medicine wheel but I intend to replace them with my own choices. I will use the totems that are already with me, and other traditional ones until I find the ones that suit me better. It may take some time!

So what is a medicine wheel?
The medicine wheel, originating from Native American traditions, is also referred to as Sacred Hoop. The medicine wheel represents the sacred circle of life, its basic four directions, and the elements. Animal totems serve as guardians of each of the directions. The four animals commonly represented in this role are The Bear, The Buffalo, The Eagle, and The Mouse. However, there are no fast rules about which animals represent the directions of the Medicine Wheel. Each person will have different spirit animals and meanings of the directions. Each direction of the wheel offers its own lessons and animal spirit guide.

Medicine Wheel as an Introspection Tool
The medicine wheel is a symbol of symmetry and balance. During the process of constructing the wheel you will begin to recognize what areas of your life are not in balance, and where your attention is lacking and requires focus. Continuing working with the wheel after you constructed it. Sit with your wheel in silent meditation. Allow the wheel to assist you in gaining new and different perspectives.

The medicine wheel represents the many cycles of life. The circle is representative of life's never ending cycle (birth, death, rebirth). Each stone or spoke placement in the wheel focuses on a different aspect of living.

A personal medicine wheel can be made using fetishes such as crystals, arrowheads, seashells, feathers, animal fur/bones, and so on. Take time to reflect on each aspect of your life (self, family, relationships, life purpose, community, finances, health, etc.) as you place objects within the circle.

What do you do?
So my advice is to know that to make and activate a simple Medicine Wheel all you have to do is place five rocks, crystals or anything you wish to use from nature in a circle while calling in each of your Spirit Keeper Power Animals. Start in the East, place a stone and visualise perhaps a Golden Eagle, in the South maybe a Coyote and the West perhaps a Grizzly Bear. The North a White Buffalo and then place the last stone in the Centre as a ‘controller’- this can be any animal you wish. That really is all there is to it, anyone can build and use a simple Medicine Wheel! Or if you have already found your power animals use them instead of the ones mentioned here.

If you want to build upon the five point medicine wheel, add in two more to represent as above and so below and one to represent ‘within’ . If you want a nine point medicine wheel use two animals to represent you (within) – your left (feminine) and your right (masculine) sides.

A Medicine Wheel can be an access point to communicate with the wisdom of the Soul. A place to connect to your Power Animals, the mountains, oceans, trees, plants, herbs and crystals. If you really want your life back on track, spend the time to make a full 36 stone Medicine Wheel using the following order and the graphic as a guide: Golden Eagle, Coyote, Grizzly Bear, White Buffalo, Creator, Snow Goose, Otter, Cougar, Red Hawk, Beaver, Deer, Woodpecker, Sturgeon, Brown Bear, Raven, Snake, Elk, Tortoise, Lizard, Loon, Turtle, Frog, Thunderbird, Butterfly, Hummingbird, Owl, Firefly, Rabbit, Salmon, Wolf, Whale, Mouse, Ant, Racoon, Earthworm, Dolphin. Speak to every part of your soul, all 36 Power Animals, introduce yourself to all of them - Great healing will occur. Work either in your imagination or you can physically construct a Medicine Wheel in your home or garden. Remember to gather the stones in a sacred manner, asking permission before taking any, make sure that any disturbance of plant and animal life, including insect life, is avoided as far as possible. The creation of the sacred Medicine Wheel is a conscious process.

Find a clear area to build your Medicine Wheel. Light some White Sage or Sweet Grass, any Incense is fine, to purify and to bless the area and the stones you will be using. Ask the Spirit of Sage to bless the Medicine Wheel and stones. If you have no sage, just use your imagination to see the Medicine Wheel items and space being purified with lots of sage smoke. Make a small offering to the Medicine Wheel. It can any food you like, a strand of your hair or Sea Salt, traditionally cornmeal or tobacco would be used. Just place the offering on the Creator position. You may place an offering on a single stone or on every stone. Once built, always enter your medicine wheel from the South, the one and only rule of the Medicine wheel. Sit anywhere inside and speak out your declaration. The sacred space you create is your guarantee to be able to heal the entire journey of the soul, to use magic and love again, to find True Love and create a Life Worth Living.

When you build a permanent Medicine Wheel in your home or garden, it becomes a very peaceful healing place to sit in or by. Anyone can sit in your Medicine Wheel. It is a statement of honour to Planet Earth and All Her Relations, which also means you. It automatically sends healing to rebalance everything in this Universe.

A small Medicine Wheel is just as powerful. Think about making a Medicine Wheel for every household member. It may serve as a ‘time out’ space for children. Ask them to go and talk to their Power Animals to receive healing and peace.

Making this conscious effort and spending quiet time meditating can really empower you.

Helping strengthen boundary issues, visualizing your dreams and goals and seeing yourself healthy and happy. Honor yourself the time to have your soul rejuvenated. You can make it a stress free zone. Sit in it and ask yourself and all of nature to heal you through dreams and life experience.

This system is very child friendly and appeals to our inner child and this very powerful healing technique makes people bypass their preconditioned stress patterns. It will help you learn about your strengths and weakness, which we recognize and address in the sacred space of your Medicine Wheel.


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