Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Today I have been crafting Animal Spirit Stones to put on the Kitchen Witch website www.kitchenwitchuk.org

I have my own totem/animal spirit guides and I work with the spirit of animals a lot, they have much to tell us, much to teach us and are fantastic guides.

Every living plant and animal has its rightful place on earth, and each has unique skills and a spirit of its own which helps it to fulfill its role on earth. I do not believe, as many do today, that humans are the greatest, most important part of this world who have all of nature at our disposal; but rather, that we are one small part of the Earth, and we must respect other creatures as our equals, and learn from what they have to teach us.

As a witch I use Totem Animals to honor nature and the animals that provide nourishment, comfort, knowledge, protection, and universal love. They have a profound connection between ourselves and the earth, and can communicate important values and ideals to us. While sometimes we can connect with the actual living animal, it was most often the essence of the animal who would appears in thoughts, dreams, or during meditation.

History of Spirit Stones

Spirit Stones combine the healing properties of stones, used by Shamans who believed they could absorb negative energy and turn it into positive energy, with the essence of the animal whose picture was carved onto the stone. Each animal representation has its own special power and message, for each animal in life has its own powerful spirit and an inherent skill. The Animal Totem will choose a person as its companion, based on what stage a person is at in life, and which characteristics and virtues the person will benefit to learn.

Find Your Animal Totem

In order to learn what your Totem Animal is you must pay close attention to the signs that come into your life. Some people have always felt inexplicably drawn to a certain animal and its energy. Other people wonder how to tell what their Animal Totem is. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you're wondering which animal you are guided by:

- Does a certain animal consistently appear in your life? Not necessarily in physical form, but also through television, greeting cards, figurines, etc.?

- What animal are you most interested in seeing and learning about when you go to the zoo?

- Are there any animals you find to be extremely frightening or intriguing?

- Do you have recurring dreams about a specific animal? Have you ever had a vivid dream with an animal that you have never been able to forget?

Try to think about the characteristics and innate abilities of different animals. Do you identify with any of these animal dispositions or qualities? The deer, for example is gentle, peaceful, graceful, innocent, and a keen observer. The pig is a very strong totem who teaches spiritual strength, prosperity, self-reliance, and fearlessness. The dolphin teaches us how to be kind, wise, playful, capable of deep emotion, and happy. In order to find out what creature should be on your Spirit Stone, just think about what animal you can learn from. Because the creatures of the animal kingdom are so close to Mother Earth, they can teach us to see and love the earth better, to know life better, know ourselves better, and to communicate on a higher spiritual level.


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